Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is an aspect of law which encompasses a fairly broad range of attorneys who prepare, file, and prosecute cases involving a dispute over a wide array of torts, contracts, or special proceedings.

When it comes to civil litigation, most people typically think primarily of personal injury cases. And while personal injury matters certainly fall within the umbrella of civil torts, there is quite vast number of other lawsuits that are required to protect the rights of clients at D'Escoubet Law, be it as a plaintiff or as a defendant.

Some common types of civil litigation matters involve: landlord/tenant disputes, workers compensation, contract negotiation and review, and product liability.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

From the drafting of rental and lease agreements to litigating complex cases involving evictions, breach of contracts, and collection of overdue rent, D'Escoubet Law is well-qualified to provide the competent representation required by our clients in any landlord/tenant dispute throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.

Mr. D'Escoubet is able to assist clients with matters concerning residential management companies and commercial properties, as well as individuals who own one or more rental properties. As such, our law office welcomes the opportunity to learn more about the dispute in which you are involved, and we would be happy to explain all of your options in order to achieve an expedient and cost-effective remedy.

Proceeding in any landlord/tenant dispute without the trusted counsel of a qualified civil litigation attorney carries enormous risk. The letter of the law must followed implicity to avoid delays that will almost certainly cost you valuable time and money.

Workers Compensation

Mr. D'Escoubet assists clients who have been injured during the course of their employment, whether that be in an office setting or more of a blue-collar one. With his guidance, you can file a Florida workers compensation claim, which will seek the benefits to which you are entitled to under state law.

D'Escoubet Law would be happy to explain to you all of the types of injuries that are covered by Florida workers compensation statutes -- as well as the different types of damages that an injured worker is entitled to claim.

Because insurance companies have a long history of trying to settle workers compensation cases for far less money than most injured employees rightfully deserve, it is always best to retain the services of a compassionate and dedicated civil litigation attorney such as Mr. D'Escoubet.

Contract Negotiation & Review

Entering into any legally binding agreement can be a harrowing process, even for the most veteran business owner or serial entrepreneur. D'Escoubet Law can allay those fears by meticulously reviewing every clause, every addendum, every word, every mark of punctuation, and every disclaimer in any document before you sign it. We will look out for your best interests and ensure that you fully understand the meaning and terms contained in any document you are about to sign.

Mr. D'Escoubet handles for his clients all aspects of contract negotiations and review. That includes contract drafting, reviewing, rendering opinions, and negotiating agreements, all the way through the final stage of the actual signing.

The scope of our knowledge in the arena of contract law is voluminous and inlcudes: asset purchases, asset sales, real estate purchases, real estate sale agreements, business operating agreements, commercial property lease agreements, distribution agreements, business-to-business contracts, employment non-compete, agreements, employment non-disclosure agreements, partnership agreements, and vendor contracts.

Product Liability

Federal law requires that any product that is designed, manufactured, and sold to consumers be safe when used in the manner for which it was intended. Therefore, if you have suffered an injury as the result of a defective product, we encourage you to call Mr. D'Escoubet to learn about your options that could lead to recovery of a monetary award from either the manufacturer of the product or the retailer from whom you purchased it.

In the event you or a loved one was hurt because of a faulty product, Mr. D'Escoubet encourages you to save the item (or pieces thereof) as well as your original purchase receipt. These will be key pieces of evidence that will help us present the strongest possible case on your behalf, and they will allow us to recover damages as expeditiously as possible to cover the costs of your medical bills, pain and suffering, and any other losses you may have incurred.

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