Criminal Defense

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Criminal Defense

D'Escoubet Law P.L. is a full-service criminal defense firm with the ability to defend clients against all types of Federal and State criminal charges. From homicide to any of the crimes listed below, Jean-Michel D'Escoubet has tried cases of all kinds and is trained to deal with each and every one of the defenses needed to represent and defend the rights of each client.

Serious Homicide Defense

Homicide defense attorneys are a defendant's last chance to escape life in prison. In numerous states, including Florida, the death penalty is the ultimate sentence handed down from the courts for murder, and only highly experienced homicide defense lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the crime can be trusted with the defense. D'Escoubet Law, P.L. 's uncompromising dedication to our clients has earned us the trust of individuals who were facing serious murder charges.

Homicide Crimes

With experience that includes homicide investigations, murder trials, police investigations and much more, D'Escoubet Law, P.L. is uniquely positioned to offer highly qualified legal services to anyone facing murder charges. For example, while murder may seem like a straightforward crime, there are numerous subtleties involved that can greatly impact a trial, investigation, sentence, jail time and so on.

There are also various crimes associated with homicide such as manslaughter, attempted murder, vehicular manslaughter and others. D'Escoubet Law, P.L. can provide a skilled defense during motions, jury trials, homicide investigations and more.

Serious Felony Charges

As a former Miami-Dade County State Attorney and Felony Division Chief, Jean-Michel D'Escoubet, can skillfully represent and professionally defend clients in any of the crimes listed below after years of service and training in the field, to obtain the optimal results for those accused of serious felony charges.

• Drug Crime Penalties • Drug Cultivation/Grow House
• Drug Distribution • Drug Paraphernalia
• Drug Smuggling • Drug Trafficking
• Manufacturing of Drugs • Marijuana Possession
• Possession for Sale • Possession of Drugs
• Possession With Intent • Prescription Drug Crimes
• Prescription Fraud • Search & Seizure
• Computer Crimes • Forgery
• Grand Theft • Money Laundering
• Organized Fraud • Shoplifting/Petit Theft
• Worthless Checks • Bribery
• Computer Hacking • Counterfeiting
• Credit Card Fraud • Drug Offenses
• Embezzlement • Extortion
• Forgery • Fraud
• Health Care Fraud • Identity Theft
• Insider Trading • Mail Fraud
• Money Laundering • Mortgage Fraud
• Multi-Level Marketing Schemes • Public Corruption
• RICO • Tax Fraud
• Weapons Offenses • Wire Fraud
• 10-20-Life Law • Arson
• Assault/Aggravated Assault • Battery on LEO
• Battery/Aggravated Battery • Carjacking
• Child Abuse • Domestic Violence
• Firearm Offenses • Kidnapping
• Manslaughter • Murder
• Robbery/Burglary • Child Pornography
• Indecent Exposure • Lewd & Lascivious Battery
• Lewd & Lascivious Molestation • Prostitution & Solicitation
• Sexting • Sexual Battery and Rape
• Statutory Rape • BAC
• Breath & Blood Tests • BUI (Boating)
• Challenging Miami DUI Charges • Commercial DUI Offenses
• DHSMV Hearings • Drunk Driving
• DUI Manslaughter • DUI Overview
• DUI Penalties • DUI with Injury
• Felony DUI • Field Sobriety Tests
• Multiple DUI Offenses • Police Misconduct
• Suspended License • The 10 Day Rule
• Under 21 DUI • Under Influence of Drugs
• Criminal Appeals • Criminal Mischief
• Disorderly Conduct • Extraditions
• Fleeing and Eluding • Florida Sentencing Enhancements
• Forfeitures • Hate Crimes
• Juvenile Offenses • Obstruction of Justice
• Probation Violations • Reckless Driving
• Resisting Arrest • Restraining Orders

White Collar Crime

D'Escoubet Law, P.L. also specializes in white collar crime defense on behalf of individuals and businesses. The firm has the resources to handle even the most complex matters requiring in-depth financial and legal analysis.

• White Collar Crimes • Environmental Crimes
• False Advertising • Falsifying Business Records
• Government Investigations • Healthcare Fraud
• Insurance Fraud • Medicaid and Medicare Fraud
• Import-Export Crimes • Mail Fraud
• Pharmaceutical Crimes • RICO / Racketeering
• Financial Crimes • Accounting Fraud
• Counterfeiting / Forgery • Embezzlement
• Grand Theft • Money Laundering
• Mortgage Fraud

Human Trafficking Defense

Human trafficking is considered modern day slavery and accusations can be taken far out of context by prosecutors, the press and others. If you're facing such charges, you need defense attorneys with a sophisticated understanding of the law, experience defending against such charges and a successful track record of defending people in criminal defense cases.

Federal and state agencies investigating child trafficking and human trafficking usually take months to execute their investigation and spend countless dollars. The firm possesses the legal understanding and sophisticated defense techniques that give our clients the best opportunity at a good outcome at trial. Having spent years as a prosecutor in Miami-Dade County, Jean-Michel D'Escoubet has an in-depth knowledge of law enforcement.

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