Sealing & Expungement Of Cases

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Sealing & Expungement Of Cases

D'Escoubet Law Can Help Clean Up Your Criminal Record. After you've been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) and many other criminal offenses, including many felony charges, you will have a black mark on your criminal record that is permanent. D'Escoubet Law can change that, and erase that record. Individuals whose charges were dismissed or dropped may be eligible to apply for sealing or expungement. Individuals that comply with the terms of their probation or criminal sentence without incident may be eligible to request their case be sealed.

Sealing and Expungement in Florida

Record sealing and expungement are two different things. If you were arrested for charges, plead guilty or no contest to the charges, or were found guilty after a trial and adjudication was withheld, you may be eligible to apply for sealing. If your charges were either dismissed by the Judge or dropped by the State and did not proceed to trial, you can apply for expungement.

Getting your record expunged means the public will not have access to this record. It also means that if someone asked if you have been arrested, you can answer "No."

Some government agencies or agencies related to the government will have access to a criminal history record that have been sealed. When a criminal history record has been expunged, those agencies with access to expunged records need to obtain a signed court order to gain access to your record. Without a signed order they will only know that a part of your criminal history record has been expunged.

A conviction cannot be sealed or expunged. Many charges where the result was a withhold of adjudication can be sealed, but not expunged. Only a full dismissal or a not-guilty verdict can be expunged.

D'Escoubet Law understands the requirements for record sealing and for expungement. If you think you are eligible to have an arrest record sealed or expunged, speak with an attorney today.

I practice locally and have a commitment to the community in Miami-Dade and Broward County. I am extremely familiar with the local courts, having served as a Felony Division Chief for the Miami-Dade County State Attorney, and as an Assistant State Attorney for almost eight years.

My experience will guide you through the sealing or expungement process and help you obtain a clean record.

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